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» » 60-year-old man ‘dies while watching porn inside a sex shop in Italy

A man has reportedly died while watching porn at a sex shop in Italy.
The 60-year-old British tourist is suspected to have suffered a heart attack in a private booth while watching porn inside a sex shop located in Marghera near Venice over the weekend.
The man whose name is yet to be revealed reportedly paid five euros for a 15-minute video and shut himself in one of the rooms before switching on a red light indicating ‘busy’. But when owner Franco Garoni grew worried as his customer was to yet to be out after elapsing his time, he went in to find him collapsed on the floor, Il Gazzettino reported.

According to Mr. Garoni, the Briton had seemed ‘quiet’ and perhaps ‘tired’ when he arrived but had not seemed on the brink of death.The Italian said he called emergency services, but when doctors arrived it was too late to resuscitate the lifeless man.

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