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» » Be sure of your blood group compatibility before saying ‘yes I do’ – Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Blood group compatibility even though has over the years not been a major priority for couples who have intentions of tying the knot in holy matrimony, is a very key factor in the buildup to such decisions.
In an attempt to inculcate the practice of checking blood groups before starting relationships, various stakeholders in the health and religious fields have disseminated vital information through fora and even social media platforms.
In this regard, a controversial female counselor known for her unpopular opinions on social issues has cautioned couples with the intent of getting married to be sure of their blood groups before committing to eternal matrimony.
According to Counsellor Charlotte Oduro due to the future effects blood group incompatibility has on children, couple must verify how compactible they are before they say “yes I do.”
Medically, your blood group check all that before you say I do to anybody. Normally people don’t really consider that, they check and go and realize they’re both AS and go ahead to marry, please you’re going to worry your kids… So make sure you’re connected before you get married,” She advised.
She says this will not only relieve couples of the damning consequences of blood group incompatibility but also prevent future home-wrecking fights.
She continued, “don’t let the love blindfold you and you marry and your kids are SS and when the attacks come you start fighting…so open your eyes when you’re loving.”
Counselor Charlotte was speaking at the Love Clinic: Singles and Married Summit led by Eld Elijah Hayford at the Pensa Auditorium of Takoradi Technical University-Main Campus.
Compatibility in blood group is only a concern for couples if a pregnancy is involved where both partners are the biological parents.

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