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» » Every man is a womanizer; don’t leave a man because of cheating - Shatta Wale advises

According to Shatta Wale, it is wisdom that allows a woman to stay with her partner if even she knows he is a chronic cheat.

The dancehall act emphasized that women should not ditch their cheating partners, especially if such cheating guys take good care of them. A heartbreaking tolerance act he described as smartness.
Shatta Wale made the comments via snapchat posts, in which hefired his baby momma, Michy, for disclosing that she shunned him because he was torturing her after his "stagedproposal".

In another post, Shatta stated that every man is a womanizer just like how some women will always keep telling lies. “Every man is a womanizer don’t lie to yourself,” he wrote. He concluded his relationship advice saying that he can now be called Counsellor Shatt.
Do you agree with Shatta Wale? See screenshots of his posts below and share your thoughts with us.

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