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» » ‘How a female lecturer failed me in her course because I didn’t let her touch my boobs’

Following the big revelations of sexual harassment of female students by lecturers in West African Universities made by BBC, Nigerians are beginning to develop the chutzpah to come out and share their experiences with randy lectures in Universities across the country. A Nigerian lady on twitter known as Eka Herbert Macaulay has given a preempt of her ordeal with a female lecture who was her project supervisor in school.
Eka made it known that the yet to be unknown female lecturer from unspecified University made sexual advances at her by trying to fondle her boobs. Read her statement below:

My project supervisor failed me in her course and travelled abroad shortly before defense because I won’t let her fumble my breasts. She’s a pastor in a popular church.
She refused to return my project file. The department assigned me a new supervisor about a week before defense started. See. Scum has no gender.

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