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» » I don’t go to church because people worry me to take pictures – Joey B

Ghanaian musician, Joey B, has stated why he doesn’t go to church any longer although he believes so much in God.
According to him, anytime he goes to church, congregants worry him to take selfies or sign autographs.
Something that kind of stress him and makes him loose focus. So he has decided totally to stop attending church.

He said:
I Don’t Go To Church Because People Worry Me With Pictures; People Would Come And After We Take Pictures, They Would Say This One Is Not Nice, We Should Take Another One. I Kinda Lose Focus When I Go To Church Because Of This Attitude And So I Stopped Attending Church.
He also revealed he’s a firm believer of prayers and reads the Bible a lot.
But I Have A Bible That I Read Always, I Even Have A Bible On My Phone. I Pray More Than 10 Times A Day. I’m A Spiritual Person , I Don’t Joke With God At All
He revealed this in an interview with Lexis Bill in a recent interview.

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