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» » If we don’t teach children about sex they will be taught through rape – Lydia Forson defends CSE

Outspoken actress Lydia Forson, says teaching young children about sex will prevent them from being raped.

The staunch feminist took to her twitter handle to voice her support for the introduction of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education into the curriculum for basic schools in Ghana.
The decision by the Ghana Education Service to introduce a subject on Comprehensive Sexuality Education into the nation’s curriculum targeting students as young as four years has caused a sharp divide amongst Ghanaians, with the majority making arguments against the introduction of the course.
But others such as Lydia Forson believes teaching young children about sex is a way to prepare them for the “World.”
She attributed the outrage that has met the new curriculum to some media houses, who she described as having sensationalised discussions around the curriculum.
In a move to quell the public outrage, the Ghana Education Service has said it is yet to approve the curriculum.

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