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» » Photos of Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor’s beautiful wife

Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor was captured in ‘Sex for grades’ scandal which was carried out by the BBC Africa Eye.
In the video Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor who’s a lecturer at the Department of Teacher Education of the School of Education and Leadership, University of Ghana  was heard asking a female student that “Can I be your side guy?”.
In the video, he said: “Let me be your side boy, side guy…men have side chicks…I will not give you trouble…seriously I will not give you trouble…I will not give you trouble…I will not be a distraction to your life…let me be your side guy…”
Maybe you’ll be my side and I’ll also be your side. Because me, I’m married…my wife is not in the country though…my wife is out of the country,” he said while interacting with the BBC undercover journalist who posed as a student in his office.
He said in the video that his wife is outside the country and that he won’t give problem to the lady he was proposing to.
As it stands, rumour-mongers have already sourced photos of his beautiful wife who indeed lives outside the country.
Feed your eyes with the photos below:

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