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» » Sarkodie Attack Shatta Wale?

Sarkodie’s New Tweet Is Full Of Fire & People Are Saying It’s Aimed At Shatta Wale

Sarkodie has made a blunt and straightforward message on his twitter handle but beneath it lies plenty innuendos which people are trying to blur.
In a recent tweet, Sarkodie has revealed that he doesn’t give a damn about what others perceive of him.
According to Sarkodie, he is so focused on himself that he doesn’t care about who has done him wrong, who has duped him or spoken lies about him or whoever has been a fake fake friend in his life.
He wrote:
If y’all ever wanna know how my mind works. This and more lol. I’m so focused on my and my life. I don’t care who is fake, who f#cked me over, Who f#cked with me, Who got this, who getting that, if it ain’t some motivation or positive sh!t, I literally don’t even give a f#ck about it.

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