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» » Legalize prostitution; It is their body-Fuse ODG urges the government

Fuse ODG, the UK based Ghanaians musician has urged the government of Ghana to consider legalizing prostitution in the country.
According to Fuse ODG, anyone who wants to indulge in prostitution knows the risk and they chose to do it with their own body.
Besides, prostitutes are citizens of the country and they deserve protection from the state. The best way to protect them is to legalize the act by government, according to Fuse ODG.

Yes, I would say yes. Legalize it. Legalize the work that these women are doing to protect them. I feel like they deserve protection. It is their body’, Fuse said on Joy FM
In the opinion of Fuse ODG, Ghanaians are not opened about sex despite the fact that it is the commonest Vice in the country. He again urged Ghanaians to talk bout sex

Ghanaians should be open-minded about sex and talk about it since they are having the sex anyway. You are saying sex is not wrong. I feel like Ghanaians are so scared to talk about sex’, he said.
Fuse ODG was speaking on Accra based Joy Fm when he made his position on prostitution clear

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