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» » Fella Makafui confirms she is pregnant for Medikal

Fella Makafui subtly confirms she is pregnant for Medikal

Fella Makafui has subtly revealed she is pregnant for Medikal while celebrating him for having a mega ‘Welcome To Sowutuom’ concert.
Yesterday, the AMG Business signee proved to the world that he isn’t the ‘small boy’ of yesterday but instead a king in Ghana.
He managed to put together a formidable front that wowed music lovers and showed them that he is the real-ish when it comes to music and it’s associates.
Medikal’s concert was so lit that all fans present never wanted it to come to an end. Taking to her official social media handle, Fella Makafui noted that she is super proud of Medikal.
According to her in a subtle way, their incoming son, little MDK will be proud of his dad for hosting such a mega concert.

Fella Makafui wrote;
Thank you God for listening to my prayers..We had a successful show !! I am more than proud of you babe…You keep killing it at your age damn .. Little MDK will be proud of you . I personally want to thank you My son (Wale) for coming out for us , (Sister derbyyyy ) Keep supporting us ,(D-black) (sista afia) to mention a few ..God bless you all !! Much Love ❤️❤️ ..”
It the part that states, “little MDK” that has caught attention. This could mean she’s pregnant for the rapper and expecting a little Medikal (shortened to Little MDK).

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