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» » John Mahama has a new name: ‘Mr Reduce’

Hello fellow Ghanaians, for once I thought that the NPP was just being mischievous about Mr Mahama’s lack of ideas and plans for Ghana after they alleged that he (Mahama) has completely nothing new on offer – especially years after sitting behind to watch President Akuffo-Addo’s governance.
 I then decided to give Mr Mahama the benefit of the doubt by getting on to YouTube to listen to what he has in his new menu for the Ghanaian populace going into an election year, after his December 23, 2019 version of #JohnMahamaLive series. After spending my December 26 (Boxing Day) holiday watching and listening to the five thousand nine hundred and twenty second (5920 seconds) video, I could only figure out one word that will be heavily abused in NDC’s 2020 manifesto – "Reduce".

 Actually, for almost ten minutes from the start of the video, I thought ‘Mr Reduce’ was going to reduce his usage of the word reduce to reduce his provocative use of the word reduce but he never did. From the second minute of the video, Mr Mahama (now called ‘Mr Reduce’) said that:
 “We’ll reduce the size of government by radically cutting back the number of ministers, and reducing the number of ministries.” He continued by adding that, “We’ll reduce massively the amount Ghanaians spend on the Office of the President.” In quick succession, he added, “I will drastically reduce the size of government, we don’t need a hundred and twenty five ministers.” 

Again, in his barrage of attacks on the word reduce, he mentioned, “So drastically reduce the size of government and reduce the size of ministers, reduce the size of ministries and also reduce the expenditure that Ghanaians spend on the Office of the President.” In fact, I lost count at some point and this is all I could remember but if anyone is interested in seeing how ‘Mr Reduce’ battered the word reduce, then you might want to get on to YouTube to listen to more of Mr Reduce’s reduce message. 

 At this point, unless someone else can prove otherwise, it is now apparent that Mr John Mahama, formerly "Mr Deadgoat" now turned ‘Mr Reduce Deadgoat’ is short of ideas and we the people of Ghana cannot, will not and should not even dare vote for him because he will reduce virtually everything in this country if he is mistakenly given the nod to rule again come 2020. God bless our homeland Ghana!

Author: Unknown MP 

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