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» » Mahama Reveals NDC’s Secret After Election 2020

As a lover of my country, I have always taken delight in every issue that bothers on the future and fate of Ghana. Having said that, there is one day that I will never forget in the year 2019 – Monday, December 23. On December 23, 2019, as usual, Mr John Dramani Mahama realizing that the NPP had climaxed the year on a very high note decided to do same, but unfortunately it will be a day to forget for him.

 In his capacity as a former president of our beloved country Ghana who also doubles as a leader of the largest opposition group seeking to rule this country again, I thought that he could have given a better message to Ghanaians than what he offered in his #JohnMahamaLive session on December 23, 2019. Despite all the criticisms and admonitions that the people of Ghana have been offering free of charge to Mr Mahama and the NDC, they do not seem to learn from it. 

In Mr John Mahama’s introductory speech to his #JohnMahamaLive session, he revealed the ‘mafia’ he and the NDC intends to do to this country in the unluckiest event that they win election 2020, affirming the position the NPP has been trumpeting into the ears, minds and hearts of Ghanaians since they took the reins of government. Mr Mahama is his speech mentioned that, “This evening I am here to assure you all my dear countrymen and women that the National Democratic Congress [NDC] that I lead is an alternative that will depart from the status quo.”

 Now after hearing this from "Mr Deadgoat" I thought that he was just joking so I assumed it was one of his usual political rhetoric – not knowing he was serious. How did I know he was actually serious? After one social media user had inquired to ascertain as to whether or not he (Mahama) will cancel the Nurses and Teachers Training Allowance when he is voted into office come 2020, this was what he had to tell him, “We won’t change the status quo immediately, we will retain whatever they have for now, but we will expand the Student Loan Trust and when we are confident that it is giving enough security to students whether they are teacher trainee or nursing trainee or they are in Cape Coast University, then we will cut it over and everybody [in the NDC] will be happy.”

 What we Ghanaians should realize is that, first of all, neither President Akuffo-Addo nor his wife Rebecca is a Nursing or a Teacher trainee and none of his children is in a training college as well, and that he as President of this country loses nothing if the allowance is cut over as Mr Mahama has touted. In a nut shell, it must be noted that, President Nana Addo’s restoration of the allowance after his tumultuous victory in 2016 and the several projects he has done is borne out of his good vision for this country and that if we the citizenry do not appreciate and take this opportunity he has offered us, it will be disaster if "Mr Deadgoat" is put at the helm of affairs in this country on December 7, 2020. God bless our homeland Ghana!
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