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» » ‘Polygamy is madness’ – Nigerian man declares

A Nigerian celebrity recognized as Abisoye Olukoya Michael has declared Polygamy as complete madness.

According to him, Billions has been turned to Millions just because of such a system of marriage practiced mostly in Africa.

He, therefore, called on all and sundry to kick out such a system from Africa most especially Nigeria.

Polygamy is a madness. It’s a wonderful playground & I enjoy to watch how beauty sometimes unfold amongst a selected few. I eventually realized that Wealth which is popularly a major tool isn’t just enough reason to diversify into polygamy, you need top class LEADERSHIP SKILL to match with it if not unity shall be rare amongst your selected growing family,” – He wrote.

Definitely his point holds since many people practicing the system in Africa leave their children realized from the act ‘Bleeding’.
Meaning of Polygamy;
The practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time.
In Africa, they mostly practice polygyny which is, the practice of having more than one wife.

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