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» » Postinor 2 Failed Me’– Caroline Sampson Shares Her Story

Ghanaian radio and TV personality Caroline Sampson engaged her fans on social media in a question and answer session (Q&A) in a bid to get closer to them while giving some in-depth information about their personal lives.

In the question and answer session, Caroline Sampson had, an online platform called Kimly Kesseh asked her series of questions about her private life.

Caroline talked about almost everything from motherhood to dropping out of school. On whether she’s cool with MzBel she responded, Nah, we were never friends.

Industry mates. Mind you I am a presenter so I will get myself into trouble from time to time with these celebs. It’s never personal for me”.

Kimly asked if she was disappointed at having to drop out of university after she got pregnant. Of course I was disappointed was her answer.

Caroline Sampson went on to reveal how pills failed her in her attempt to abort her baby.
Pills failed me and baby daddy failed me as well but how I go do am?! I thank God for time chale. Everything worked for my good”.
Of Course I Was Disappointed. Pills Failed Me And Baby Daddy Failed Me As Well But How I Go Do Am?! I Thank God For Time Chale. Everything Worked For My Good. #60minswithKimlykesseh Https://T.Co/9HGa2pkl5b
Caroline Sampson (@Caroline4real) November 29, 2019
Postinor 2 Ayye! #60minswithKimlykesseh Https://T.Co/VGLfP0JZns
Caroline Sampson (@Caroline4real) November 29, 2019

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