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» » Social Media users Fire Joselyn Dumas for promoting prostitution yet criticize Mmebusem

Recently, a Ghanaian Pastor named Pastor Bryan Amoateng seriously critized Mmebusem videos which has been trending on social media.

Mmebusem also known as Ghana Jesus posts videos of himself imitating Jesus Christ but speaks the local dialect and adds creativity.
Pastor Brian, who is also the founder of the International Youth  called on all Christian youth to rise up against Mmebusem’s nonsense.
Enough of this nonsense. I don’t support this….Christian Youth of Ghana, our God cannot be mocked in the name of comedy……….,” he wrote.
Ghanaian actress and TV personality Joselyn Dumas commented that Mmebusem’s actions are indeed blasphemous.
The actress fired Mmebusem in the comments section of a Summit (IYES) charged the Christian Youth in the country not to sit unconcerned for their God to be mocked.
ome social media users blasted Joselyn Dumas for her recent attack on Mmebusem over his local Jesus comedy skit.
One of them said Dumas also posts explicit photos of herself which indirectly promotes prostitution.
@joselyn_dumas u posted a picture with only your Bra on recently.. and lots of your followers commented “dope picture, hot mama’ etc…are condoning prostitution in the name of fashion or civilization?” he fired.

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