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» » Shatta Wale blasts Chatter House over his VGMA ban – Threatens to make government close them down

President of the Shatta Movement, Shatta Wale has gone hard on Charter House and labeled the whole brand as fools.
He says he can’t fathom why Charter House will ban himself and Stonebwoy but will still go about talking about them.
Shatta Wale in the video warned Charter House to be mindful of the things they say about him else he will send his Shatta Movement boys to deal with them.
Explaining further, Shatta Wale said the SM fans are not happy about what is happening but he is keeping them under control.
Throwing more shades, Shatta Wale said the VGMAs is a poor awarding scheme that does not put any money into the pockets of artists.
Shatta said if they don’t behave well, he will cause them to be shut down in Ghana by the government.
He also labeled Rex Omar as a ‘useless’ man for constantly speaking ill about himself and Stonebwoy over their feud at last year’s VGMAs.
Furthermore, Shatta Wale said VGMA members have got no right to ban himself and Stonebwoy from contesting in their award scheme because they don’t control the music affairs in Ghana.
He cited an example saying even Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak’s May 9th match that caused many people to die couldn’t make the Ghana Football Association ban the two teams from their League.

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