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» » Price of ‘Akpeteshie’ to go high due to Coronavirus

Prices of Akpeteshie is expected to hit its peak from tomorrow forward mainly due to coronavirus.
Akpeteshie is said to be one of the best substances that can wipe Coronavirus off its ‘feet’ if made good use of.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol is one of the best sanitizers to battle the Coronavirus.
Since it was announced, many Ghanaians have started storming drinking spots to purchase the substance.
Some are keeping it safe hoping to use it as their sanitizers while others drink it to protect themselves.
Information received by our team members has it that, a tot would be sold at Ghc1.50p in a few days should it short across the country due to high patronage.
At the moment, hand sanitizers has bagged over 300% increment just as Ghana started recording positive cases of coronavirus.
What Is Akpeteshie?
Akpeteshie is a homebrewed alcoholic spirit produced in Ghana and other West African nations by distilling palm wine or sugar cane juice.

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